The rates of brain and neurological disorders are staggering today and still growing.

They include brain development disorders in childhood, neurodegenerative disorders later in life, both mild and traumatic brain injuries, and brain disorders rooted in autoimmunity and inflammation.

Every year millions of patients receive misguided or incomplete medical treatment for chronic neurological symptoms because most doctors, both conventional and alternative, work in limited models when it comes to understanding or treating functional neurological issues.

Sadly, most brain-based issues do not resolve on their own with time, but instead continue to worsen and degenerate the brain.

The time has come for medicine to integrate brain health and function into standard health care practices.

We call this multi-disciplinary approach functional neurology.

Functional neurology is based on improving brain function through various strategies, such as:

  • Brain rehabilitative therapies to promote brain plasticity and connectivity
  • Addressing diet, lifestyle and environmental factors
  • Reducing neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration
  • Optimizing the brain’s chemical environment (neurotransmitters, blood sugar levels, hormone status, etc.) for synaptic activity